CES 2020 Wrap Up
It’s a connected world and apps are still at the core...

January 15, 2020 | Sabio

CES 2020 has come and gone, and as always the latest and greatest innovative technology was on hand for the world to see. Whether it’s eye popping concepts [Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR], devices that provide new form to old utility [Y-Brush toothbrush], products that improve on existing technology [Samsung Sero] or even the absurd [Bzigo Mosquito detector] the show is bound to have something to pique our interests on what the future may hold.

With all the promise of flying taxis and robots cleaning up after our pets, the technology that may be most exciting is related to the products that we can experience now. No waiting for what may go from concept to retail. Take the devices we currently use, flip them on their heads and simply make them better. That is the promise of so much of what was on display at CES.

If there was one category that addressed the “now” of technology, it was the world around connectivity. The ever-growing Internet of Things. Or as some mentioned, the Internet of Experiences. Every imaginable device has become ‘smart’. Pillows, mirrors, underwear, toilets and more are smarter than ever before. In fact, the world around connected devices [IoT] is expected to grow to 42 billion by the year 2025 according to Juniper Research.

The common thread almost always seen across all of these connected, IoT, devices is that their functionality is tied directly to an app environment. Want the latest smart lock for the front door? You’ll need to be sure to install the app to control function. The latest streaming provider in Quibi? Yep, you’ll need the app. Mobile apps, and now apps on other connected devices like smart TVs are still the driver of most connected devices.

At Sabio, our data scientists have been examining app behavior and using those insights to help inform media strategies and activations through our App Science® platform. We have a deep understanding of consumer’s interests and affinities based on the app ecosystem around us. The products rolling from the convention floor in Vegas to a local big box retailer [lets be real…Amazon] will continue to rely on apps which will allow Sabio to continue the exploration of what apps mean to the US consumer. And with our recent expansion into the world of connected tv, another platform that relies entirely on apps to bring entertainment into the living room, we are able to provide more relevant targeting at a household level through the lens of apps.

So while we all enjoy the bright shiny objects on display at CES each year, keep in mind the slightly more practical side of the show. The more readily available connected devices and how Sabio sits in a key position to analyze the app landscape within that world and what those behaviors mean to brands.

We’ll be back at CES in 2021 and we hope to see you there to share the latest about our company and our App Science® platform.