Sabio Mobile is a marketing technology company that makes technology…work for you.

At Sabio, smarter mobile advertising stems from the perfect balance between technology and creativity. This creative innovation is in everything we do and is at the core of our work. From our team of Engineers and Data Scientists with the development of App Science® and Validated Publishers to our Creative Design Studios that create stunning and award winning mobile ads, our goal is to make you shine by helping you reach your customers, grow your business, and achieve your marketing objectives. By identifying your ideal customer with our proprietary App Science® technology and delivering your ads on premium Validated Publishers™ with our APEX platform, Sabio Mobile is engineered to make the latest technologies work for you.…identifying your ideal customers and delivering your ads to them at the ideal moment.

Sabio’s App Science ®

Automatic Segmentation

Sabio gives you a competitive edge in the mobile market through smart analysis. We go beyond clicks and conversions to dig deep into the data, informing you about the most important user characteristics that drive purchasing behavior.

Predictive AI

By understanding the correlations between your customer’s App Profile, Geo-Story, and a variety of other digital signals, App Science®, our predictive artificial intelligence technology, can identify not only your current customers but also the most likely ones in the near future and keeping you steps ahead of your competition.

Validated Quality

Brand safety and accountability are paramount. It’s why we provide access to a private marketplace of premium Validated Publishers™. You can be assured that your ads are placed on the highest quality of sites and apps that display your ads.

Self-Learning Platform

App Science® is constantly learning and improving in real time, adapting itself on how best to identify your potential customers. By understanding customers through the observation of their mobile journey,

Customer Service

Our account managers are truly the best in the business. Whether you choose our managed IO service or prefer our programmatic portal, your dedicated account manager will guarantee responsive, quality service throughout each campaign.

Programmatic Portal

We’re integrated into a wide range of the largest programmatic inventory partners, giving you access to programmatic transaction services that allow you to monitor and control your own ad spend with greater efficiencies. Our programmatic service is the perfect hands-on alternative to our “white glove” managed IO service.